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Let's talk Reviews

Lets talk reviews - while its important for a business to have 5 star reviews sometimes an undesirable one may be given and what you can do if you get a bad one.

New customers of your business like to see your reviews, this helps them make up their minds about buying from you or using your services. It is important to have a high number of reviews so that new customers can get a feel for how others have experienced your business.

Sometimes you may not get that 5 star review and it's important to acknowledge the customer immediately, that may feel like they didn't get what they were expecting. It's best to stay calm, be apologetic and to clearly state the facts in sequential order so others reading it, can understand what you have done and how the customer may have interpreted their experience. There are times when you may get reviews that are not factual, do not clearly state the customers experience or are not accurate at all. When the customer is upset they often try to get other people involved that have had no dealings with you at all but appear to back up their complaint. Unfortunately some people feel the need to be an extra voice hoping to sway your future clients from using your services. If you have responded in a factual, accurate and polite manner, future customers will be able to determine the truth.

This is incredibly frustrating, however there are measures in place to help protect businesses. The Australian laws have become more effective to help stop a person or persons wrongfully defaming a business and damaging their reputation. Seeking legal advice is the first step to assist with the keyboard trolls. It is increasingly becoming more common and there are measures to be able to claim for damages. So if you have an incorrect review, you should immediately respond factually and precisely and then seek legal advice.

*this is for information only. Seek your own legal advice.


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