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So is a Lip Scrub beneficial?

We don't immediately think of a lip scrub when it comes to our beauty products, BUT a lip scrub is an absolute must in your beauty bag or bathroom cabinet!

What are the benefits of using a scrub?

A Lip scrubs usually has two components: an emollient and an exfoliant. One is hydrating and to help keep lips soft and supple whilst the other is exfoliating, and assists in the removal of any dead skin cells.

Who is a Lip scrub for?

Even if you don’t normally wear too much makeup or lipstick or gloss, it is still important to keep your lips, healthy and hydrated. Your lips will also look fuller when healthy and clean.

When your lips get dry and chapped, the lipid layer (the protective layer) looks dry and less full. As with the rest of your face your lips do need to be cleaned and hydrated regularly.

The exfoliant removes excess dead skin and also helps to prevent premature ageing of the mouth and lip area. The emollient, hydrates the lips particularly after you have been in the sun. A lip balm is really a protective barrier and doesn't necessarily hydrate your lips. So next time you look at your lips, ask yourself when was the last time you exfoliated and hydrated your lips??? Answer probably a long time... Check out our beautiful Vanilla Sunset Lip Scrub in-store or online. #lipscrub #modelrock #exfoliant #liphydration


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