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What is Just Beautiful V.I.P membership?

The V.I.P. Member Program is our way of rewarding our very best customers. Joining is free and the benefits range from earning Reward Points when you shop, through to member-only sales and birthday gifts.

How does it work?

To qualify, you must create an account (logo link at the top of the menu bar) on this website (which is free) and spend $400 in a year, this does not include services. Once you have qualified, your status will be instantly upgraded and you will be notified by email.


Why be a part of the V.I.P. Member Program?

Benefits include:

  • Reward Points When You Shop online

  • A Birthday Discount

  • Access to Member Only Sales

  • Access to Secret Deals and offers

  • Access to New Product Launches

  • Member Exclusive Competitions

  • And more coming!


Does it cost anything to join?

No. Simply spend $400 in a year, and have a registered account with us.

What are the rules?

The V.I.P. Member Program is subject to our Terms and Conditions.    

Do you share my information?

No. We never share any information of our customers with a third party.

Earning Points

How do I earn points?

Once you have achieved V.I.P. status, you earns points every time you shop.

How do I check my points balance?

Sign In and click on your name. You will be taken to the 'My Account' page. Or simply click here.

Do all my purchases count toward my points?


Do my points expire?


How do I earn bonus points?

Starting on the day of your birthday, you earn 2 x points for seven days when you shop.

Will I receive any birthday gifts?
Yes! Be sure to add your birth date under 'My Account' Note: your birthday can only be set once.

What happens to my points when I return an item or cancel an order?

Your points are deducted from your points balance.

Managing your Profile
Can I share my membership with a family member or friend?
No, the our V.I.P. account are individual and non-transferable.

How can I check to see if I have any offers or points?

Sign In to your account and click on your name. You will be taken to the account page detailing your point balance and other information. You can also access the 'Secret Deals' page from there to check the current V.I.P. offerings.

I forgot my password, what do I do?

Click the Sign In link, and then click 'Forgotten your Details?' - You will be sent a new password to the email address you registered with.

Redeeming Points
How do I redeem my points?

You earn a point for each dollar spent. When you have a balance of 250 points or greater, you can convert them to a Gift Card in your 'My Account' profile.

What are the points worth?

Points RedeemedGift Card Value

250         $10

300         $12

350          $14

400         $16

450         $18

500        $20

Can I use my points with other discounts and specials offered by Crush Cosmetics?

No, your points cannot be combined with other discounts and special offers.

Can I give my points to a friend or family member?

No, your V.I.P. membership points are not transferable. However, when redeeming points for a Gift Card, you can nominate to send it to someone else.

Email Subscription
What emails will I receive as a member?

By providing us with a valid email address, you agree to the Programs Terms and Conditions. You will receive key program benefits such as member-only sales, bonus point promotions, birthday gifts and other exclusive offers that are only available via email.

How do I stop receiving Inner Beauty V.I.P. emails?

You can unsubscribe here. But please note that you will no longer receive notification of sales or other member benefits.

Program Participation
How do I opt out of the program?

If you do not wish to partake in the Inner Beauty V.I.P. Member Program, you can opt out here. Please note, by opting out of the program, you forfeit all associated benefits.

Privacy and Security
How will my personal information be used?

Please visit our Privacy Policy page here.

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