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Express Yourself Beautifully

Formal Time - Are you ready?

The formal season is here and it is an important night for almost every high school student. It's the one night that allows you to celebrate the hard work you have put in and preparing you for the next stage of your life. It is also a busy time in dress prep, makeup, hairstyles, whats hot whats not etc....Be sure that you make the most of your formal night by getting prepared in advance.

Choosing a Formal Dress/outfit

The first thing is deciding on your look and what you are going to wear. Check out what is in fashion, what is available and what you can afford. You will need time to go and try on dresses and outfits and whether they need to order anything in for you. The formal dress is the most important as it is the basis for your look, colour scheme, hair and makeup. One thing to remember is allow time, don't rush for the first one, try on many until you are completely comfortable with the style, colour and of course the price. There are a number of places to shop including online however, you can also hire your dress or outfit from a range of fashion rental stores. Get some inspo from #formaldresses !

Undergarments - yes, important but they dont have to be granny pants!!

When you choose your outfit you need to make sure you have the right undergarments, and that is ensure that you have a bra that fits well, doesn't show straps of parts unnecessarily and so on. You want something that doesn't show your panty lines, or shows the colour through etc. you need to try on the right ones and make sure they work before the night. The last thing you want is to see black underwear under that nice white dress!

Choose Your Accessories

Now that you've chosen your dress, you want to accessorise with shoes, bags and jewelry. There can be a lot to choose from but don't worry, don't overcomplicate it, keep it simple. Firstly you want to make sure that your shoes are comfortable to wear all night. High heels are great but if you have to take them off and walk around barefoot after an hour is not what you spent all this time and money for, right?....Choose something that is going to match your outfit and that you will be able to wear all night... As to bags, you do need to carry your phone and lipstick so something small like a clutch is easy and very fashionable. There are a number of stores locally that have a great range of bags and jewelry, including Strandbags, Collette, Lovisa etc. There is so much to choose from when selecting jewelry, however, again keep in simple. If you overcomplicate the look it will be overdone. Sometimes a simple necklace is better than big chunky items. You also don't have to have necklace, earrings and bracelet. Perhaps just choose one or two items... check out instagram for some ideas #formaljewelry

Choose Your Hairstyle

The style of your dress can help determine your hairstyle, also whether your hair is long or short. Check out Pinterest and Instagram #formalhairstyles for some great ideas. Booking early for your hair appointments is a must, as it is a very busy time of the year and you need to book early to get your required date.time. We work with a number of great local hairdressers and #hairbykarliepmq is offering 10% off your formal hair appointment, when you book your makeup at #justbeautifulpm

Choose Your Makeup Look - book early if you want a professional makeup done

Makeup is just another way to express yourself. It is a great time to wear more dramatic makeup however, ensure that what you are after also suits your skin tone, hair colouring and also that you feel comfortable with wearing a dramatic face full of makeup. Sometimes it is best to err on the side of less is best!. If you are wanting to have your makeup done for you, then you need to make your bookings early. It is a busy time of the year and bookings are filling fast. Just Beautiful #justbeautifulpm are taking bookings now and if you book your hair appointment with #hairbykarlie you will receive a 10% discount off your makeup application too.. If you have a particular look in mind then make sure that you have a picture and advise us in advance, so we can ensure that we have time and the necessary colours etc to accomodate your look. Check out #formalmakeup for some ideas and looks, be sure to let us know if you have any particular requests and we will endeavour to accomodate you. If you are planning to do your own makeup (or your friends) then check out #formalmakeup to get some ideas. A smoky eye is definitely in, as is, a winged eyeliner but remember to practice and ensure that it all works together with your dress and accessories.


Enjoy the night, it has been a long time coming and you want to make sure that it is a memorable evening of fun and laughter and letting your hair down after the years of hard work.... p.s take lots of photos too!


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