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How to get rid of wrinkles - just change your pillowcase!

So you ask, why would changing your pillowcase help in getting rid of wrinkles well it is one of the few things that contacts with your skin for long periods of time. There are actually a number of good reasons to change your pillowcases - it is softening for your hair, it helps to reduce acne on your face, AND it helps in reducing wrinkles.

Using a Satin pillowcase has the benefits of moisturising and is also hypoallergenic. The benefits for your hair is that it is smooth and doesn't tangle or bend your hair, whereas on a cotton pillowcase makes your hair becomes frizzy and bent. The Satin smoothness reduces the amount of fraction allowing your hair to safely slip on the pillowcase while you are sleeping. It also stops hair breakage and split ends for this reason too. Whilst sleeping your skin produces the natural oils that improves and nurtures your hair, a regular pillowcase actually absorbs this and leaves your hair dry.

Now what about acne? Well it has many benefits for people that suffer from acne and sensitive skin,

the fibres are more smooth and don't rub or irritate your skin. Cotton pillowcases can be a little rough and damage acne that may already be a little tender and raw. Satin is also great as it doesn't allow bacteria to breed and helps to keep your skin away from other germs that may irritate the skin further.

So back to the wrinkles! Our satin pillowcases are a great anti-aging product. So get one to have in your beauty arsenal! The pillowcase is softer on your skin and more gentle whilst you sleep. After you have done all the hard work of your nightly beauty routine the last thing you want is for it to rub off onto your pillowcase!! The Satin pillowcase will not absorb any moisture or oils and tends to be softer against your skin, it wont dry or scratch your skin and it helps to stop the morning crease that your regular pillowcase leaves on your face.

So apart from everything we have just mentioned a satin pillow case will give you a good night sleep and remember it is not the ultimate solution to your hair and skin problems, however sleeping on one can be very beneficial. It is definitely a positive way to help with your beauty regime.






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