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Looking for Zero Waste

So we are all about environmentally friendly packaging and particularly in the beauty business. Given we use so many different products from lipsticks to skincare products, to shampoo and conditioners, our waste of packaging is enormous. Trying to find earth friendly makeup and skincare is hard.

Lots of products are double packaged meaning we have the product housed in a tube, bottle or container and then it also comes in a box. To find products that are plastic free are nearly impossible, plus we also want to make sure the contents or ingredients in the products are vegan, natural, not tested on animals and so on. So it becomes increasingly impossible to know where to find products that meet all the criteria.

So to understand this, the environmental cost to the planet by having all this product packaging is enormous. It can take years and years for product packaging to break down in landfill. Consider this, the beauty industry produces over 120 billion items of packaging every year and that number is increasing all the time, with new products and brands moving into the beauty space. Thats a lot of landfill and a lot of years to it break down!

The other thing to consider is the product ingredients, there are many toxic chemicals in skincare and beauty products and for each product that is thrown away there is always a residue of the ingredients left in the bottle, if this is in the landfill what is that doing to our soil and waterways. It also has a follow on effect to our livestock and eco system.

With that said, there are a number of skincare and beauty products that have considered these factors and have implemented better product packaging as well as using recyclable packaging.

Here are a few that have taken the steps to leave a better foot print on our planet.

The Organic Skin Co

Their refillable palettes are just one of their products that are the ultimate sustainable makeup item, they’re refillable and interchangeable. So you don't throw away the holder, just add or replace new pods of your choice. Their products are also vegan and cruelty free.

In addition, the Organic Skin Co plant a tree for every product sold. How good is that!

Melli Cosmetics

Another enviro conscious beauty icon is Melli Cosmetics, these guys have a refillable foundation bottle, so that means you refill and reuse your bottle. These foundations can be custom made to your skin tone, colour and skin type and are made from natural ingredients and no nasty chemicals.

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