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Express Yourself Beautifully

We look after you with our carefully sourced natural and cruelty-free skincare and cosmetics

What we stand for

Just Beautiful was created with the intent of bringing affordable, cruelty-free, natural, organic or vegan skincare and cosmetics to you. We want to simplify how you can look Just Beautiful and radiant from top to toe, inside and outside. That's why we scour the world to bring only the best to you. We are strategic in the way we work and collaborate with brands who, like us, believe in sustainable practices with the use of what nature provides. We do this so we can look after you and you can look after yourself for the long term.

Sustainable practices mean thinking about the long-term impact of the ingredients and their impact on the environment (and your skin).

In choosing to buy natural skincare and cosmetics, you are supporting companies that are creating positive social value - protecting our ecosystem and preserving our bio-diversity.

​The difference between natural and regular

Natural plant oils and natural aromatic substances are pleasing to both the skin and the senses. Natural plant oils are easily absorbed into the skin, becoming part of its own protective barrier. Mineral oils on the other hand, only sit on the surface of the skin.

Clean or natural beauty products are typically free of harmful ingredients like parabens, phthalates, and synthetic fragrance. They’re also safer for sensitive skin with lower risk of skin irritation.

Here are some ingredients you probably won’t find in natural makeup

  • Synthetic preservatives. Natural makeup doesn’t contain preservatives designed to increase shelf life.

  • Artificial colorants. The bright colours of regular makeup depends on synthetic dyes and pigments. Clean makeup uses natural sources instead.

  • Artificial fragrances. A synthetic fragrance is a cocktail of chemicals, but brands don’t have to list them. These fragrances aren’t used in natural makeup.

  • Heavy metals. While heavy metals like lead and arsenic are found in nature, they’re linked to health problems at high doses. Natural makeup should meet the safety limits for these ingredients.

The brands that we carry will be good for you


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