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6 steps to applying False Lashes ... the right way

Ok so it should be easy - right? Well, it can be with the right preparation. So let's apply false eyelashes the right way!


Before you start make sure you have tweezers, small scissors, adhesive glue and some gentle eye remover or micellar water (for those slight glue accidents!) Also, this goes without saying but make sure your hands are clean as you are working close to your eye and don't want to end up with germs and dirt in your eyes.

Here are 6 steps to applying false eyelashes the right way

1. Remove lash from lash tray by gently pressing your thumb on the lash and pulling upwards. Work along the lash while pulling gently to ensure there is no breakage or damage of the lash hairs.

2. Next you need to measure the lash against your lash line. If it needs to be trimmed, take the scissors and trim from the outer edge of the lash. This will ensure that you don't take away too much of the effect. Also once you have trimmed - check again!

3. Apply glue along the lash band and wait for it to get a little tacky (this may be a minute or so depending on the lash glue).

4. Using your tweezers, gently place the lash on top of your lash line and as close to it as possible, checking in the mirror as you go. You will need to be looking down or have your eye closed if possible. Before the glue dries make sure that the lash is aligned and once correct wait till your lash dries.

5. Apply the other lash in the same way. Measure, check, glue and place!

6. Tidy up around the lash area if you have too much glue as otherwise it can look too heavy, using your gentle eye make remover or micellar water.

Can you reuse false lashes?

When you are finished wearing your lashes, gently peel them off and these can be reused if cared for.

Remove the lash glue with the makeup remover or micellar water on a cotton tip or pad by gently rubbing across the lash whilst holding it flat. The lash can be reused a number of times if cared for correctly.

Store them in the original box.

You can purchase Model Rock Lashes at Just Beautiful Port Macquarie, 81 Horton St or buy them online.

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